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2020 Honda Accord

Honda Accord

As Honda’s flagship vehicle, the Honda Accord is the largest of the cars in Honda’s lineup. The Accord is available in a variety of models including a sedan, coupe, hybrid and hybrid plug-in. Regardless of the model, the Accord comes standard with sophisticated styling, extreme power and superior fuel efficiency [1]. Perhaps the best part about the Honda Accord, however, is that all of its unbeatable features come at a price that is more than affordable. It’s not hard to see why the Honda Accord is one of Honda’s best selling models.

2020 Honda Civic Sedan

Honda Civic

The Civic has gained a great deal of popularity over the years as the compact sedan offers one of the highest fuel economy ratings not only in the Honda lineup, but in the automotive market in general [1]. Many compact cars in the market are unable to provide the safety that you would expect to find, as the smaller vehicles aren’t able to provide as much protection in the event of an accident, but the Honda Civic has been able to achieve top safety ratings over the years, making the stylish, fuel-efficient car one of the most capable on the market.

2020 Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V

When it comes to the crossover SUVs in the Honda lineup, arguably none are as popular as the Honda CR-V, which is able to offer a number of appealing qualities and capabilities. The CR-V is one of the smaller Honda SUV offerings, which allows it to achieve some impressive fuel economy ratings [1]. Despite its smaller overall size, the CR-V is able to provide an unbelievably spacious cabin. One of the most appealing features about the Honda CR-V, however, is that the SUV makes all of its features available at an affordable price.

2020 Honda Fit

Honda Fit

When it comes to fuel efficiency, there aren’t many vehicles on the market quite like the Honda Fit, which is a subcompact car capable of producing some of the highest fuel economy ratings in its class [1]. The Fit is available in a fuel-only model, as well as an electric-only model, which allows the subcompact to cater to a wide variety of lifestyles. Another one of the great features of the Honda Fit is that the subcompact car offers a surprising amount of storage space, which is easily accessible as the Fit is one of the most versatile vehicles out there.

2020 Honda Odyssey

Honda Odyssey

There aren’t many minivans on the market quite like the Honda Odyssey, which is able to provide a number of impressive capabilities through its innovative features and systems. The Honda Odyssey is one of the larger vehicles in its class, but it’s still able to provide some impressive fuel economy numbers [1]. The spacious and versatile cabin of the Honda Odyssey is just one of the many reasons that make the minivan great for families. The minivan has also received top safety ratings for a number of years, allowing it to keep families safe.

2020 Honda Pilot

Honda Pilot

Consumers in the market for extreme space and power can find just that with the Honda Pilot, which is the largest SUV in the Honda lineup. The Honda Pilot offers seating for up to eight passengers, but the second- and third-row of seats also collapse to provide space for an impressive amount of storage space. Under the hood, the Pilot offers some serious power, allowing the SUV to tow and haul just about anything. Even with the power and size of the SUV, however, the Honda Pilot is surprisingly fuel-efficient, making it a great all-around SUV [1].

2020 Honda Ridgeline

Honda Ridgeline

When it comes to versatility, there aren’t many pickup trucks quite like the Honda Ridgeline. The pickup truck offers a variety of options for storing and hauling, but it also makes accessing cargo extremely easy. The Ridgeline offers a class-exclusive dual-action tailgate that’s able to swing down like typical tailgate, but can also be opened to the side like a door. The tailgate makes it extremely easy to access the lockable in-bed trunk of the Ridgeline, which is another class-exclusive feature. The capabilities of the Honda Ridgeline are extremely impressive.

2020 Honda Passport

Honda Passport

The Honda Passport offers versatile interior cargo and passenger space that will help you get your to-do list done. It’s go-anywhere attitude allows you to drive the city streets as well as the untamed trail with confidence. No matter where you take the Honda Passport it is sure to get noticed thanks to its aggressive and athletic exterior styling.

2020 Honda HR-V

Honda HR-V

This compact crossover SUV has sleek and sporty styling for an overall eye-catching appeal. Efficient performance under the hood allows you to get more done without frequent fill-ups. The cabin gets loaded with advanced technology features that will improve not only your morning commute but your weekend getaways as well as.

2020 Honda Insight

Honda Insight

This hybrid vehicle doesn’t only deliver excellent EPA estimated fuel economy but also fun-to-drive performance as well. Spacious seating gives passengers room to stretch out and relax while the standard technology systems keep everyone entertained and occupied on the drive across town or across the country.

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