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Coolant Flush in Dayton, OH

Coolant keeps your vehicle’s engine working at an optimal temperature, so that the extreme heat it produces doesn’t damage the engine’s many sensitive components over time. Is your vehicle in need of a coolant flush in Dayton, OH? The Matt Castrucci Honda Service Center can make sure your vehicle’s coolant is flushed and doing its job effectively.

The owner’s manual for your vehicle should provide the most accurate information about coolant flush scheduling for your specific make and model. Some manufacturers recommend every 30,000 miles while others suggest longer intervals between flushes. Waiting too long to get your coolant flushed can result in significant engine complications such as internal corrosion, a clogged radiator and a leaky cooling system.

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Why Does Coolant Need to Be Flushed?

Engine coolant, also referred to as antifreeze, is a liquid mixed with water that absorbs excess heat generated by the engine, which is then dispersed through the radiator and the vehicle’s heating system. Over time, the coolant will naturally break down and reduce the effectiveness of the cooling system.

A coolant flush (sometimes called a radiator flush or cooling system service) is the process of draining all the old coolant out of the cooling system and replacing it with new, cleaner coolant fluid. In addition to reducing the chance of corrosion, coolant flushing also helps clear out rust and sediment. Proper coolant flushing is an important part of vehicle maintenance and greatly enhances the lifespan of the entire cooling system, from pumps and gaskets to coolant pipes and the radiator.

Other Matt Castrucci Honda Services

In addition to coolant flushing and heating system checks, Matt Castrucci Honda offers a variety of other automotive services, including: Tire balance, tire rotation, filter replacement, coolant flush, muffler repair, exhaust repair, brake adjustment, brake replacement, front end alignment, electrical service, transmission flush, vehicle checkup and inspection, wiper replacement and headlight replacement.

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