2016 Honda Accord vs 2016 Mazda6
2016 Honda Accord 2016 Mazda6
185-horsepower 2.4L 4-cylinder, 278-horsepower 3.5L V-6 Engine Options 184-horsepower 2.5L 4-cylinder
Available Navigation Available
Available Apple CarPlay/Android Auto N/A

Sedan Showdown: 2016 Honda Accord vs 2016 Mazda6

2016 Honda Accord vs 2016 Mazda6 standard features

Family-size sedans don’t have to be boring. Take the 2016 Honda Accord and the 2016 Mazda6 as proof: they're easily the most fun-to-drive cars in their class. Both cars mix everyday practicality with great overall performance and handling that'll make your daily commute feel much more enjoyable. They're both very fuel efficient, and they both come with stellar safety ratings. So, how do you choose between the 2016 Honda Accord vs 2016 Mazda6  when they're both so excellent in every category? Although they're both good choices, there a few very important differences for potential buyers to keep in mind.  

The 2016 Honda Accord has one major advantage over the Mazda6: the availability of a V-6 engine option. Although the Mazda6 looks and handles like a sporty car, it's not actually all that fast in a straight line. The Accord's 4-cylinder engine and the Mazda6's engine are equally powerful, and they're both very fuel-efficient too. The Accord's 278-horsepower V-6 offers a performance upgrade you'll love if you do lots of highway driving. The Mazda6 doesn't offer anything that can compare. 

All Your Favorite Features, And More

If you're looking for a safe car, both these cars deliver. Both the 2016 Accord and the 2016 Mazda6 earned 5-star crash test ratings from the federal government. Both cars offer lots of other safety-enhancing technologies, like lane departure warnings and adaptive cruise control. However, these features are only available on the most expensive Mazda6 Grand Touring. Honda makes the Honda Sensing package much more affordable; it can be found on 2016 Accords at any trim level.  

Rearview cameras, Bluetooth, and excellent audio systems come standard on both the Mazda6 and the Accord. Built-in navigation is available in both vehicles, along with lots of other premium features. The only noteworthy difference is the availability of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto: it's available on the 2016 Accord, but not the Mazda6.  

Finally, there's the question of style. The Mazda6's styling is admittedly very attractive, with swooping lines and an aggressive stance. The 2016 Accord feels more conservative. However, the Mazda6's looks come with a downside: that sporty roofline does cut down on backseat headroom, and the trunk is also smaller than the 2016 Honda Accord's.  

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2016 Honda Accord vs 2016 Mazda6 engine options

*Safety matters most, and the 2016 Accord earned top marks with a 5-Star Overall Vehicle Score from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) 1. [1] Government 5-Star Safety Ratings are part of the U.S. Department of Transportation’s New Car Assessment Program (www.safercar.gov). Model tested with standard side airbags (SAB).