2015 Honda CR-Z

2015 Honda CR-Z in Dayton, OH

If you want a hybrid that doesn’t seem like it will ever moves past 30mph and has an interior to match then come to Matt Castrucci Honda and take a look at the 2015 Honda CR-Z in Dayton, OH. The hatchback sport-hybrid has a sporty look and feel to it. The stick shift and boost mode will make every trip to work or the store seem like a race and you’ll stand nicely out as you zip between traffic.

Between the the engine and the electric motor the CR-Z comes in with a total of 150 horsepower. This goes well with the three separate driving modes. Depending on your mood you can conserve energy with ECON mode, really take advantage of all those horses with sport or just go about your business in a regular manner and enjoy a little bit of sportiness with solid fuel efficiency.orem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.

Now that we have it in stock, it's your turn to try out the 2015 Honda CR-Z in Dayton, OH in person. Schedule a test drive today and experience the difference.

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2015 Honda CR-Z Interior

Sporty and Smart Interior

The black interior has hints of red throughout, giving it a stylish appearance. The ergonomic design of the seats and dash not only appeal to those looking for a faster car, but make you feel a though you’re part of the car when you slide in behind the wheel. And to keep that feeling going, you can put the car into sport plus mode and use the paddle shifters to really get moving.

The technology is a great compliment to the rest of the interior. The audio system takes a number of different devices. You can stream music from Pandora or keep it simple with a CD and you can control it all from the steering wheel. This will help keep your eyes on the road as will the the rearview camera and navigation system. There’s also an automatic climate control system designed to keep you feeling just right.

More Than Expected

Not only does the 2015 Honda CR-Z offer a sporty ride with a fuel efficient drive train. It also has an incredible amount of storage. Just another mixture of supposed opposites. The CR-Z provides the yin and the yang for every driver. A fast hybrid and hatchback with plenty of space.

If this Honda is the just what you’re looking for then come see us at Matt Castrucci Honda and we can show you even more about the CR-Z. We’ll take you for a test ride and show you how all of the controls and features work.

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2015 Honda CR-Z Exterior