2014 Honda Pilot vs 2014 Ford Explorer
2014 Honda Pilot  2014 Ford Explorer
8 Seats 7
18/25 Fuel Economy 17/24
21 gallons Gas Tank 18.6 gallons
87 cubic feet Storage Space 80.7 cubic feet

2014 Honda Pilot Vs. 2014 Ford Explorer

2014 Honda Pilot Interior

Capable SUV’s have been around since the 90’s, combining the size and hauling capabilities with the seating and comfort of a minivan. Capable of off-roading with up to at least 8 passengers, they’re a popular choice for families looking for something powerful but also something that made living easier, and few vehicles do that better than the 2014 Honda Pilot vs the 2014 Ford Explorer. When comparing these two monstrous SUVs, they both do plenty to but them ahead of the rest of the class, but Honda’s reliable and accomplished 2014 Honda Pilot in Dayton, OH comes out as the segments real winner, offering better fuel economy and more seating.

Where the 2014 Ford Explorer offers 7 seats, the 2014 Honda Pilot offers 8. On top of this, the Pilot actually offers more cargo space, with a max of 87 cubic feet available, while its competitor can only achieve 80.7 cubic feet. Meanwhile, the Honda Pilot achieves better miles per gallon with a bigger fuel tank. The tank holds 21 gallons, where the Explorer only manages one that holds 18.6 gallons. The Pilot uses that massive tank to get 18 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway, both slightly better than the Explorer’s 17/24 mpg, giving Honda’s SUV far better range.

A Capable Comfortable Full Sized SUV

The 2014 Honda Pilot offers four trim levels; the LX, the EX, the EX-L, and the Touring. The multiple trims offer a plethora of standard and optional features, including a rearview camera standard on all trims. All trims can also come in either FWD or AWD, the latter capable of towing up to 4,500 pounds, the former only able to two 2,500 lbs. And with it’s quiet and comfortable drive, its easy why when its the 2014 Honda Pilot vs the 2014 Ford Explorer, Honda’s powerful and spacious SUV is a better driving experience all around.

2014 Honda Pilot Exterior