2014 Honda Insight Dayton OH

2014 Honda Insight in Dayton, OH

The 2014 Honda Insight in Dayton, OH features two very attractive upfront standard features, an aerodynamic design and one of the lowest hybrid starting MRSPs in the industry.

Turning heads both at a standstill and in gear, the Honda Insight features sharp and distinct body lines that promote both whisper-quiet commutes as well as an elegant stature. Subtle, yet distinguishing, the Insight also uses advanced exterior lighting in the form of LED brake lights and projector-beam headlights with blue tinted bezels. Not only does this give the 2014 Honda Insight a refreshed look, it also casts crisp illumination for night driving to increase visibility and safety.

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2014 Honda Insight Dayton OH

Inside of the Insight

The 2014 Honda Insight keeps things classy inside of its cabin where it features an upscale look. Promoting maximum functionality, everything from the Insight’s split folding rear seats, to its extended rear hatch window design provides comfort and peace of mind for cargo carrying and maneuvering in tight city quarters.

Meanwhile the driver and the front seat passenger have limitless possibilities with the Insight’s generous use of convenience features like the handy USB audio interface, hands free Bluetooth® and multi-information display. All these features are amplified further by the calming blue glow from interior lighting accents.

Fuel Friendly Fun With the 2014 Honda Insight

To keep everything as efficient as possible, Honda has placed a very fuel friendly 1.3-liter 4-cylinder engine that gets combined with Integrated Motor Assist®. The IMA® aids the gas powered 4-cylinder engine by offering additional torque and power, making this hybrid capable of running free on the highways as well as working its way through congested city streets with ease.

To further enhance the Insight driving experience, an Eco Assist® technology helps squeeze the most miles out of every gallon. Neatly placed on the dash is an ECON button that automatically configures the Insight to use less fuel and energy. Feedback is also given to show just how efficiently the Insight is performing with a gauge-cluster-mounted display that shows an Eco Score and helps coach the driver to fine-tune driving habits for greater mpgs.

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2014 Honda Insight Dayton OH