Why used is such an attractive option!

By Product Expert | Posted in Used Vehicles on Wednesday, February 26th, 2014 at 4:49 pm
The New McLaren Honda

Used vehicle in Dayton, OH

Winter is definitely not looking like it’s going to be giving up anytime soon. With the chance of an unexpected snowstorm or subzero cold snap always possible, why risk not having your vehicle be there for you when you need it most? Find a clean, dependable and quality used vehicle in Dayton, Ohio at Matt Castrucci Honda today!


Under $10! This Trailblazer is perfect for all year driving!

Why Buy Used?

Everyone knows that purchasing a used vehicle in Dayton, OH can save you upfront costs, but did you know that those savings can even be carried on down the road? Often times, insurance companies see a used car as less of a liability as what a brand new one would be. You can think of it like this, a new car is like a brand new 16-year old driver and insurance companies, like they see young drivers as more of a risk, also see a brand new car as more of a risk. This often times leads to higher insurance higher rates that can be avoided with a pre-owned vehicle even a few months old!

Not only can one of the many used vehicles at Matt Castrucci Honda save you insurance costs, they also offer a little bit more flexibility when it comes to vehicle shopping. Vehicles and their technology /features are changing all of the time. So if you have ever seen a feature or some type of design you like on a vehicle and then it suddenly gets discontinued with a new model, it could be gone forever and you may end up settling for something you really don’t want. Do you have your heart sent on a certain model? If it’s not on our lot, contact us today and we just might be able to track it down for you!

Quality of used vehicles at Matt Castrucci Honda


Search through some of the most popular makes and models today!


Often times, used vehicles get a bad rap for being a “lemon” or unreliable, which may be the case at some dealerships. However, any vehicle that makes it out onto the Matt Castrucci lot must go through an exhausting inspection before it can be sold. Our maintenance professionals take the time to make sure every vehicle we sell, new or used is in tip-top mechanical and cosmetic condition! For added convenience, Matt Castrucci Honda even has a number of different shopping tools on our site to help you narrow down your search! View some of those tools below or search our complete used inventory here.



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