When should I have my wheels aligned? 

By Product Expert | Posted in Vehicle Service on Tuesday, January 8th, 2019 at 6:08 pm
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Tire care comes in many forms. Your tires are the most vulnerable parts of your car because they are constantly exposed and wear down quicker than anything else. One way you can ensure they last as long as possible if by getting your wheels aligned. Unintentional drifting is sometimes unavoidable, but if your wheels are way off-kilter, it can be difficult to drive straight. Learn more about alignments and tire car below. 

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When it comes to wheel alignments, you don’t need to get your Honda serviced super often. We typically recommend you get your alignment adjusted once every two years. When you need your wheels to be aligned, there shouldn’t be any cause for concern. This is a very standard and routine service that will help ensure that your tires wear down more evenly. 

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Uneven wear is the number one thing you want to avoid pertaining to your tires. This problem is the man working underneath carnumber one cause of premature tire replacement and can lead to popping. While you should make sure to keep up on your alignment every other year or so, you should make sure your tires get rotated and balanced more often. It’s usually best to have a tire rotation once every 6,000 miles, or during every other oil change. When your tires get rotated, they are literally being placed on different parts of the wheels. As you may be thinking, this is another way to make sure they wear down evenly. 

Come down to Matt Castrucci Honda for your next tire service. We can take care of an alignment, tire rotation, tire balance, or totally replace your tires if it’s that time. 

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