What are your options at the end of a Honda lease?

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Are you currently leasing a Honda vehicle? Or perhaps you’re researching financing options and looking to get more information about leasing. Either way, you’d probably like to know what your options are at the end of a Honda lease term. Below, we will walk you through your lease-end options, allowing you to decide which one best fits your situation.

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3 Honda Lease-End Options

  1. Return your current vehicle and lease a new Honda. This is typically the most common option, since many people who opt to lease do so to have the most current model and be able to take advantage of the latest in technology and performance. Once your term ends on your current leased model, you can simply turn it in and lease a new Honda vehicle. Learn more.
  2. Return your leased vehicle. If you have made other arrangements for transportation or want a used model or one from a different lineup, you can simply return your vehicle at the end of the lease term. That’s all you have to do (pending an inspection, of course). Learn more.
  3. Purchase the vehicle you’re leasing. For those of you who have fallen in love with the Honda vehicle you’re leasing, you’re in luck! At the end of your lease, you can turn around and purchase that exact vehicle. Learn more.

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If you’d like more specific details about your lease-end options, feel free to explore the official information on the Honda Financial Services website. Of course, you can also reach out to our team at Matt Castrucci Honda or get in touch with your local Honda dealer to learn more.

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