Spring Cleaning Your Car

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips, Vehicle Service on Monday, April 4th, 2016 at 6:43 pm
spring cleaning your car

Winter weather is rough on cars. Even if you were lucky enough to avoid bigger issues like pothole damage, your car still might not be looking its best. Road salt and grime have this way of ending up everywhere, no matter how hard you try to keep them out. Fortunately, warmer weather is on its way, and car washes are reopening for the season. Shake off the winter blues and give your ride a sparkling fresh start with our top 10 tips for spring cleaning your car!

Car Wash Tips

  • Undercarriage and Wheels – These are the areas that get dirtiest during the winter, so pay them a little bit of special attention during your first car wash of the spring. If you go through an automatic car wash, choosing anything above the basic package will generally get these areas covered. If you wash your own car, get down there with a high-pressure hose and use a long-handled brush to get at hard-to-reach dirt.
  • Choose the Right Products – If you wash your own car, only use soap that’s designed specifically for cars. Dish soap will damage automotive paint. Dry with a clean sponge or a natural-fiber cloth.
  • Dissolve Road Salt With Baking Soda – To get rid of a stubborn salt stain, add a few tablespoons of baking soda to your wash water.

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Cleaning The Interior

  • Organize– Look through your glove compartment and trunk, and get rid of winter clutter.
  • Vacuum Everything – For cloth seats and carpets, use a portable vacuum cleaner before you use any cleaning products. This will prevent loose dirt from getting ground into the fabric. Don’t forget to vacuum under the floor mats, too.
  • Choose the Right Products, Again – If your car has cloth seats, most household carpet cleaners will work fine. If your car has leather seats, only use cleaning products specifically designed for leather.
  • Console and Dash – if buttons and crevices look dusty or grimy, compressed-air keyboard cleaner works like a charm.

spring cleaning your car

Quick Spring Maintenance

  •  Tires – Switch out your winter tires for all-seasons, if necessary. Check your tire pressure and tread wear to make sure they’re all in good shape.
  • Windshield Wipers – Refill your wiper fluid, and replace your wiper blades if they’re worn out.
  •  Check Your Fluid Levels 

Need other maintenance? Looking for a thorough spring vehicle checkup? Schedule your service appointment here! 

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