How Do Drivers Know When Their Car Battery is Dying?

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips on Thursday, April 16th, 2020 at 9:16 pm
A Car battery Jumper Cables with copper clamps attached to the terminals.

How to Tell if Your Car Battery is Failing

A vehicle’s battery is the energy supply that allows all the electronic components to do their job properly. If the battery fails, the vehicle will fail to start at all. Interested in learning how to tell if your car battery is failing? Below, we’ve created a list of warning signs for drivers concerned about their battery to look out for.

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For many drivers, headlights being dimmer than usual is the first noticeable sign of a failing battery. Similarly, drivers may notice their radio failing to turn on, as it is not receiving enough power to function. Drivers who notice their car is starting slower, often accompanied with clicking or cranking noises, should also investigate the possibility of a bad battery.

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Batteries

Auto mechanic using jumper cables to charge a car battery.

What do I do if my car’s battery dies?

Assuming your vehicle’s battery is not cracked and/or leaking acid, the best way to deal with a dead battery is a set of jumper cables. If you haven’t packed along jumper cables or are unable to find another vehicle to help you jump-start yours, professional roadside assistance service should be called. 

A car mechanic replaces a battery in a car.

How long is the lifespan of a car battery?

Not every car battery lasts for the same amount of time. In areas where temperatures and humidity do not reach extreme highs, batteries can last for up to six years. However, in most parts of the United States drivers should expect their car’s battery to last as little as two years or as long as five years.

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