Safety Tips for Driving in Poor Visibility Conditions

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips on Thursday, April 16th, 2020 at 9:30 pm
A dark forest road at night

How to Stay Safe When Driving Through Heavy Rain, Fog, Snow and at Night

Poor visibility is a major contributor to automotive collisions and related accidents. Wondering what to do when you need to drive in less than ideal visibility conditions? We’ve put together all the information we could on how to stay safe when driving through heavy rain, fog, snow and at night.

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The most common low-visibility situation drivers will find themselves in is driving after dark. Well-functioning headlights and taillights are critical for any low-visibility driving, but especially so for driving at night. Drivers should take care to protect their eyes from oncoming headlights and to dim the lights on their dashboard as well. Even with high-beam headlights active, drivers should note that they have significantly less time to react to oncoming objects in the dark.

Other Low Visibility Conditions to Prepare For

Look on rain drops on windshield from inside the car on street at rain

Driving Through Heavy Rain & Snow

Heavy rain and snow also calls for headlight use. Additionally, drivers should make sure their wipers are functioning properly before driving. Because of the slippery road conditions, it’s important for vehicles to keep greater distances between one another. If the weather is severe, consider stopping temporarily and waiting for conditions to improve.

Driving on an asphalt road towards the headlights of car at night

Driving Through Thick Fog

While similar to other low-visibility situations, fog can present some unique challenges for drivers. The moisture can accumulate on the windshield and create a bad glare if the defroster isn’t activated. While many drivers turn on their high beams when driving through fog, it is actually recommended to drive in low beam mode for maximum visibility.

Your car’s wipers, headlights, taillights and defroster all play an important role in keeping you aware and safe as you travel. Experiencing issues with any of these components? Schedule a service appointment today with Matt Castrucci Honda.

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