How to connect your phone to Honda’s Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

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How to connect your phone to Honda's Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

It can be tough to keep up with new vehicle technology since technologies are constantly evolving. Although they are becoming more and more advanced, they are meant to make the driver’s life easier. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are two technologies that have been emerging in the automotive industry recently, and these easy-to-use systems are designed to keep the driver connected and informed while on the road. Ready to learn how to use these two great systems? Read on!

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Connecting your phone to Apple CarPlay

The first step to setting up Apple CarPlay in your Honda is to make sure Siri is turned on on your device. Then you’ll want to plug your device into the CarPlay USB port while your car is running. At this point, your Honda should automatically detect that a device has been connected, but if for some reason it doesn’t, you simply have to ask Siri what you need to do to complete the installation. Siri will then walk you through to installation process.

Connecting your phone to Android Auto

To connect your device to your Honda’s Android Auto system, you’ll either want to download the Android Auto app on your device or simply plug the device in using Honda’s USB port. It’s important to remember to unlock your device because you’ll need to agree to the Terms and Conditions before the setup can be initiated. Next, you’ll want to turn on notifications and Bluetooth access. If you would like to allow incoming calls and messages to show on the vehicle’s display, then click “Accept.”

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Have additional questions about setting up Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in your Honda? No problem! Give our team a call at Matt Castrucci Honda and we’ll get all of your questions answered. Drivers interested in test driving a vehicle equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto can schedule an obligation-free test drive online or stop right in and see us at our location in Dayton!

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  1. mickey says:

    I own a 2014 CRV it doesn’t offer the dash as you have shown for the android audio.

    (1) I just connected the blue tooth but when my phone rings and it’s someone listed in my contacts, their name does not come up. I took it to Honda and they couldn’t figure it out.
    (2)Also, how do I have my phone music play when I press AUX?

    (3) Last- when I purchased this Honda I didn’t realize it didn’t have racks. I need to tote around my SUP (10’3). What after market racks would you suggest?
    I have surf racks but nothing to attach them to.

    Your assistance is appreciated.


  2. Kevin says:


    I would like to know if the Honda HRV 2017 AWD able to use CarPlay feature. Thanks.


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