How to avoid distracted driving 

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Distracted driving, in one way or another, is the leading cause of car accidents in the United States. You can become distracted behind the wheel in more ways than one, so there are several different things you should do to avoid those distractions. Check out some helpful tips that should keep your eyes and mind on the road. 

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3 ways you can limit distractions while driving 

Put your phone away man texting while driving

This is the most obvious way to avoid distractions. Smartphones have become part of our lives and that’s okay. When used responsibly, they are amazing innovations that improve life. When used while driving, though, they become a glaring hazard. Put your phone in the back seat, glove box, or turn it off completely and you won’t feel tempted to check your notifications. 

Turn your music down 

Even if you’re driving alone and without a phone, loud music can hinder your concentration. It prevents you from hearing motorists around you and can even make it harder to ‘see,’ so to speak. By that, we mean loud music can take your focus off the road, especially if you start singing along. Just keep it at a manageable volume and you will lower your risk of an accident. 

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Limit your passenger count 

Don’t fill your car to capacity if you don’t have to. It’s great to carpool, but not if it results in too much distracting conversation. The more people that sit in your car, the higher the chances are of you becoming distracted. Keep the passenger count at a manageable number. 

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