The Honda Maintenance Schedule

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How Often Should Your Honda Get an Oil Change and Tires Rotated?

As the technology of vehicles continues to improve, Hondas continue to run more efficiently and this isn’t just in terms of gasoline. Recent models of Hondas don’t need their oil changed nearly as often these days, now having a range that extends to a maximum of 10,000 miles in some cases. So just how often should your Honda get an oil change and tires rotated?

Oil Changes

For an oil change, there are a few factors that decide how long you should wait. If you spend more time in the city than you do on the highway then you will want to change your oil sooner rather than later. The stop and go traffic and short trips can build up sludge. Climate, specifically a cold one, will also have an affect on your oil. The cold causes it to become thicker, increasing wear.

For newer vehicles it is better to check your owners manual or ask us next time you stop by our service department. It is important to note that you shouldn’t go past the maximum recommendation.

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Tire Rotation

It is ideal to rotate your tires at least once a year, specifically if your drive 10,000 miles or more each year. One way to keep on top of this is to get them rotated when you get your oil changed. Again, the owners manual will give you a better understanding of how often your specific vehicle needs it, but these guidelines offer a clear idea. However, the basic idea is to rotate them every 5,000 miles.

General Maintenance Checks

There are also a few general items to check around every time you change your oil or at certain mileage points. Every time you change your oil, it is ideal to check your coolant level, as well as your windshield wiper fluid. Also, be sure to check your belts every 30,000 miles or and it is recommended that they are replaced between every 60,000 miles and 90,000 miles. A time chain does not need replacement but your owner’s manual should be checked for a maintenance schedule.

We can answer even more questions at our service center and also take care of any work that you can’t.

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    How Often Should Your Honda Get an Oil Change and Tires Rotated?