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What features come standard in the 2019 Honda Accord LX?

Friday, July 26th, 2019
2019 Honda Accord driving down a highway

List of 2019 Honda Accord LX Standard Features  

It’s common for drivers searching for a new sedan to find themselves interested in the 2019 Honda Accord LX due to its sporty handling and ample features. Searching for a list of 2019 Honda Accord LX standard features? We’ve put together everything you should know about this sedan down below.   (more…)

2019 Honda Accord Safety Features & Driver Aids

Friday, June 7th, 2019
2019 Honda Accord driving through a city

Does the 2019 Honda Accord have blind-spot monitoring? 

Sedans like the 2019 Honda Accord are perfect for day-to-day commuting, which is why safety should always be a top priority when shopping around for a new car. What driver assistance features and technology systems are available for this sedan? Does the 2019 Honda Accord have blind-spot monitoring? Continue reading to view our breakdown of this sedan’s available safety features and driver aids.  (more…)

A Side-By-Side Comparison of the 2019 Honda Insight & 2019 Honda Accord

Saturday, April 20th, 2019
Front exterior view of a black 2019 Honda Insight on the left "vs" driver side exterior view of a red 2019 Honda Accord on the right

What’s the Difference Between the 2019 Honda Insight & the 2019 Honda Accord?

Both the 2019 Honda Insight and the 2019 Honda Accord have an exterior with sculpted athleticism that is sure to turn heads as you drive them down the street.  There are many similarities between the 2019 Insight and the 2019 Accord and you can check them all out right here below.  You can also keep reading to see the differences between the 2019 Honda Insight and the 2019 Honda Accord which begin with their standard drivetrain and performance specs.  The chart below depicts all of the powertrain differences of the 2019 Insight and 2019 Accord and you can compare the 2019 Insight and 2019 Accord side-by-side at Matt Castrucci Honda in Dayton, OH. (more…)

Edmunds Awards the 2019 Accord & Odyssey for Highest Retained Value

Friday, April 12th, 2019
What 2019 Vehicles Retain Their Value the Best, text next to an image of a young couple researching a new vehicle purchase

What 2019 Vehicles Retain Their Value the Best?

Edmunds recently released their annual “Best Retained Value Awards” to help car, truck, and SUV shoppers get the most vehicle for their money.  We all know as soon as a new car rolls off the sales lot it instantly loses value. That is why knowing exactly how much the vehicle you just purchased will depreciate or more importantly how it will retain its value is critical to know before you buy anything.  Not only does retained value get you the most out of your vehicle when you decide to resell it but it also makes it easier and faster to resell as well.  Both the 2019 Honda Accord and 2019 Honda Odyssey had the highest retained value for each of their classes as rated by Edmunds.  Keep reading to learn more about the 2019 Honda Accord and Honda Odyssey and why they were selected as vehicles with high value retention. (more…)

How Many Color Options are There for the 2019 Honda Accord?

Wednesday, March 20th, 2019
2019 Honda Accord Color Options, text next to a front driver side exterior image of a gray 2019 Honda Accord

2019 Honda Accord Color Options

The 2019 Honda Accord has six trim levels to choose from and they are the LX, Hybrid, Sport, EX, EX-L, and Touring.  There are also three drivetrain options for the 2019 Honda Accord which include the standard 1.5L Turbocharged In-Line 4-Cylinder, a 2.0L Turbocharged In-Line 4-Cylinder, and a Hybrid System that pairs a 2.0L In-Line 4-Cylinder with a Lithium-Ion-Powered AC Synchronous Permanent Magnet Electric Motor.  Each trim level of the 2019 Honda Accord also has nine exterior paint colors to pick from and you can check out all nine right here below and you can also find the 2019 Accord waiting for you at Matt Castrucci Honda in Dayton, OH today. (more…)

2019 Honda Accord interior features

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019
red honda accord parked on road, white building in background

The interior of your vehicle should be perfectly to your liking. After all, you spend a lot more time looking at the inside of your car than the outside. Some prefer an elegant interior, some want comfort, and some are fine with minimalism. Let’s check out the interior of the 2019 Honda Accord.  (more…)

2019 Honda Accord trim levels

Thursday, December 20th, 2018
red honda accord parked on road, white building in background

It’s always nice to know you have options. Variety and flexibility are great things to have, especially when you’re picking out a new car. A vehicle is a big, long-term investment, so it’s important to get something that suits your needs. The Honda Accord comes available in six different trim levels, so there is something perfect for everyone. Continue reading to learn more.  (more…)

2019 Honda Accord engine specifications 

Sunday, December 16th, 2018
front view of red honda accord

The Honda Accord has consistently been one of the most popular vehicles in the lineup and in its entire class. The 2019 model comes with a sharp and striking design, but what often defines a vehicle is what’s under its hood. You could have the best-looking car in the world, but if its engine is weak, what’s the point? Check out the engine specs of the 2019 Honda Accord.  (more…)

What is the top of the line 2018 Honda Accord?

Wednesday, August 29th, 2018
front view of white honda accord

The exploration of trim levels is always a fun activity for car shoppers. Just about every vehicle produced today comes in several different forms known as trims and the 2018 Honda Accord is no exception. You might be wondering what the highest trim level of the Honda Accord is. Well, luckily for you, we are prepared to answer that question. Keep reading to learn what the top of the line Honda Accord includes.  (more…)

2018 HondaLink Features & Availability

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018
2018 HondaLink Connect display

Smartphone integration has become a standard component of the new car experience. Drivers are expecting to have access to certain services and information even when they’re away from their vehicle. As a result, vehicle manufacturers have developed dedicated smartphone applications to compliment more traditional in-car entertainment and information options. Honda’s HondaLink is an example of such an app. Continue reading to learn more about 2018 HondaLink features and availability. (more…)