Benefits of buying certified pre-owned vs used

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Although both used vehicles and certified pre-owned vehicles are pretty popular among car shoppers, many don’t know the two are actually different. And yes, you read that correctly. A certified pre-owned vehicle is vastly different than a used vehicle, but how do you know which one would be a better fit for you? That’s where we come in! Keep reading, and we’ll fill you in on the benefits of buying a certified pre-owned vehicle versus a used car! 

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Should I buy a used car or a certified pre-owned car? 

Although both certified pre-owned cars and used cars have both had at least one previous owner, the similarities just about end there. Used vehicles are generally cheaper right off the bat than certified pre-owned vehicles, which is appealing for a variety of car shoppers. However, used cars can arrive at the dealership in just about any condition, sometimes coming with hidden issues that only reveal themselves after the vehicle has been purchased by a consumer. 

Certified pre-owned vehicles are a different story. In order to be classified as a certified pre-owned car, the vehicle needs to jump through a variety of hoops. It first needs to pass through age and mileage requirements, and then it is put through an extensive inspection at the dealership to make sure it is in pristine condition. Additionally, certified pre-owned vehicles often come with extended warranties that aren’t offered on used models. Certified pre-owned vehicles are often favored by those who want a lower price point than offered by brand new vehicles without taking the risk of buying used.  

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