3 reasons you need to test drive a car before buying

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Why you should take a test drive

Shopping for a new car can be a tough process, we know. The research process can be tedious, and if you can’t find a vehicle that offers the features you’re looking for, it can be downright stressful. And it doesn’t even end once you find a vehicle that has everything you’re looking for. Once you find a vehicle that strikes your fancy, one of the most important things you can do is take it for a test drive. So why are so many people skipping this vital step? Read on for more information! 

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Reasons to take a test drive

Our team here at Matt Castrucci Honda highly recommends test driving a variety of vehicles during your car-shopping journey, and there are a variety of reasons we suggest that. Take a look below at three of our top reasons to take a test drive before purchasing or leasing a vehicle!

1. Get used to the handling

We’ve all driven a car that’s handling just felt a little off. Whether the brakes are too touchy or the slightest turn of the steering wheel causes too big of a reaction, it’s important to know if you like how the car drives before making the commitment of purchasing or leasing it. If the vehicle just doesn’t feel like a good fit for you during the test drive, you still have the option to look for something else.

2. Explore the vehicle’s benefits

You can read about different features in a vehicle as much as you’d like, but the best way to really know if you need the features or not is to see them in action. A system like Lane Departure Warning may seem like a great idea in theory, but if you test drive a vehicle equipped with the system and find you don’t like it, save yourself some money and opt for a vehicle not equipped with the extra-cost option.

3. See if there’s enough space

Maybe you have kids who will constantly be occupying the back seat, or maybe you know you’ll need lots of trunk space for all of your work supplies. Looking at pictures of the vehicle online probably won’t give you an idea of how much interior space there actually is, so test driving the vehicle allows you to see if the vehicle has enough space for your needs up close and in person.

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Reasons to test drive a new car before buying

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Drivers interested in test driving any of the vehicles in our inventory at Matt Castrucci Honda are encouraged to schedule a test drive online or by phone at 855-250-8986. Interested in learning more about the new Honda vehicles we have at our location in Dayton? Stop in and see us or give our team a call today!

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