2014 Honda CR-Z. A Hybrid with a Dark-Passenger.

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 2014 Honda CR-Z in Dayton, OH

It appears that the 2014 Honda CR-Z in Dayton, OH shares quite a few similarities to the Showtime series character Dexter. Like Dexter covers up his true dark-side playing an active role as a public servant solving crimes, the CR-Z is forced to live a secret life everyday where it has to deal with its own “dark-passenger”.

The Honda CR-Z, against its own free will, is forced to endure day in and day out living as a hybrid that actually provides sports car-like performance. The truth about the 2014 Honda CR-Z in Dayton, OH is a hard pill to swallow, but Matt Castrucci Honda is willing to divulge its secrets to the world.


By using both an electric and a gas powered motor, the CR-Z can deliver heart-pounding performance without sacrificing fuel efficiency!


The 2014 CR-Z has a dark side that you will never believe!








The fact that the CR-Z is a hybrid often causes many people to overlook it for what it truly is. Unlike Dexter who is able to conceal his true self to the world, there is no denying that the CR-Z sticks out like a sore thumb in the hybrid market. Equipped with sleek body lines, the 2014 Honda CR-Z was truly a hybrid born in “sports-car” blood.


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Much like Dexter, the 2014 Honda CR-Z in Dayton, OH also experiences its own uncontrollable urges that most would have a hard time believing. Just as it seems like everything is going fine, the CR-Z’s “dark-passenger” has been known to come out and play at any given moment.  Completely changing its conservative hybrid personality, the CR-Z is able to release thrilling performance that turns its eco-friendly engine into one of an adrenalin- possessed sports car. Controlled by the press of a “S+” button mounted on the CR-Z’s steering wheel, the 2014 Honda CR-Z heightens its sense of awareness with tighter steering and increased acceleration by gaining an extra power boost from its electric engine.
– Learn more about the CR-Z’s Dexter-like personality below!

2014 honda CR-z overview

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