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Winter Safety Kit for Your Car

You never expect it to happen, especially in an area that doesn’t get much snow, but it is always a good idea for you to have a Winter safety kit for your car. Even having extra warm clothes can be a huge help if you become momentarily stranded on the road after a recent snowfall.

Any amount of snow can be dangerous

Any amount of snow can be dangerous

Other than warm clothes there are a number of tools that can help you and others that may become stranded with or near you. Two of the most important for getting out are a shovel and cat litter. This way you can move snow and get traction. There are many shovels that extend or pull apart so you don’t have to constantly lug around a giant shovel.

Something that is unlikely to be a life or death situation, but more so a comfort, in Dayton is food and water. It doesn’t hurt to bring a few granola bars and keep yourself from becoming overly hungry or ending up with a low blood sugar.

Even if you’re driving in a Civic it can be helpful to two rope or chain. Another vehicle like a Honda Pilot might come by and pull you out of a ditch when it otherwise couldn’t have. To get noticed by such a vehicle it also helps to bring emergency flares and reflectors.

If going on a longer trip it is also important to tell something where you plan to go and the times you plan to be traveling. Sending regular updates to those you tell also helps them know whether or not they should begin to be concerned.

The most avoidable situation is a breakdown. So remember to come and bring your car in for maintenance before you go on a long trip, especially if you plan to travel somewhere that gets more snow than you are used to. And remember to drive safe out there.

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