What Makes Premium Fuel Different from Regular Fuel?

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips on Tuesday, June 30th, 2020 at 8:03 pm
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What are the Benefits of Using Premium Fuel?

When refueling their vehicle, many drivers are unaware of the differences between the fuel options that are available to them. What are the benefits of using premium fuel? What makes premium gasoline different from regular, unleaded gasoline? We’ve explained everything drivers should know about premium gasoline below.

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While the definition may vary from place to place, premium fuel is generally defined as fuel that has a higher octane level than regular gasoline, traditionally 91 or higher. In comparison, regular, unleaded gas has an octane level of 87. Fuel with a higher octane level does a better of resisting engine knocks and avoiding mistimed combustions in the engine compartment.

Certain manufacturers recommend or even require premium fuel for their vehicle. In most cases, premium fuel is only recommended. While this may provide the vehicle with better overall performance, the trade off is price: Drivers who exclusively use premium gasoline tend to spend $200 more per year on refueling than drivers who only use regular gasoline.

Common Tips for Saving Fuel

  • Remove Excess Cargo & Weight
  • Remove Exterior Accessories
  • Reduce Stop & Go Driving
  • Reduce Time Spent Idling
  • Observe Legal Speed Limits
  • Carpool Whenever Possible
  • Plan & Combine Your Trips
  • Use Cruise Control on the Highway
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