Ways to help prevent car sickness

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Motion sickness is an ailment felt by so many people. Some are more sensitive than others, and a simple car ride can be enough to bring on a woozy feeling. While children are usually more susceptible to getting car sick, adults of any age can feel ill on a long car ride. Read up on some ways you can prevent it or make it go away.

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How can I stop motion sickness? 

Avoid sensory overload woman driver with a headache

Some people enjoy reading while on a road trip. If that works for you, great! If, however, you find that you get nauseated while reading, just put the book down for a while. When you’re reading something, whether it’s a book or something on your phone, your peripheral vision is gathering light from the sides of the vehicle. So, while you are reading something that is stationary, the sides of your eyeballs are seeing movement. This can cause sensory overload and result in motion sickness. 

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Take the wheel 

Car sickness is much more likely to happen to passengers than drivers. This is because the driver’s brain is using motor commands to control the vehicle. These commands allow the driver to predict motion which keeps nausea away. Try asking if you can take the wheel for a little bit if you’re feeling a bit queasy. Hopefully, your driver isn’t afraid of sharing. 


Before you go for over-the-counter Dramamine, try a little bit of ginger. A small amount of ginger in some form can help stop motion sickness. Why? We aren’t totally sure, but studies support that claim. If all else fails, don’t be afraid to give in and buy Dramamine from a local pharmacy. We hope you feel better on your next long road trip! 

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