Fit Four-Door?

By Product Expert | Posted in Uncategorized on Thursday, February 26th, 2015 at 9:25 pm
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The Honda Fit as a Four-Door Compact Sedan

A number of other hatchbacks out on the market are also offered as compact sedans. The Honda Fit may not be fitting in with that trend. In most cases, we like our Honda vehicles to stand out in the crowd, but if this means we’ll have another option for a great Honda vehicle, then we are all about having the Honda Fit as a four-door compact sedan.

This option does already exist and has for some time. It is offered as the City in other countries, but we imagine that the name would likely change were it to come stateside. There would likely also be some minor changes to the performance and design to get in line with the U.S. regulations.

Talk of this has started up after a City was spotted near Honda’s facility in Torrance, California. The plates on the vehicle are reportedly used for public-relations purposes. You can take from that what you will. All we can tell you about that is that there is a City with wheels on the ground in California.

Obviously the biggest change that will come with a four-door Honda Fit is the reduction of interior volume. This will also likely result in lighter weight, and less air-resistance and create a faster and more fuel efficient vehicle. At least we can hope that’s what that means. If the 1.5L Earth Dreams four-cylinder is used, as some are saying it might be, then we will at least see the same level of fuel efficiency.

The one feature we would be sad to see go, is the Honda Magic Seats. Though we doubt that Honda would do something quite so crazy as to remove one of the best features a vehicle has. Right now we still have to wait and see if the vehicle will for sure arrive here, even though it’s presence in California is most definitely suggestive of its arrival.

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