The Best Hondas, and Finding that Sweet Spot

By Product Expert | Posted in Honda HR-V, Uncategorized on Thursday, June 11th, 2015 at 9:21 pm

The Best Honda Vehicles That Have Ever Been Made

Honda recently released two new ads for the 2016 Honda HR-V that perfectly describe what the vehicle is without needing to go into detail about the features or specs. After seeing both of the ads you’ll get it. Borrowing from some of the best Honda vehicles that have ever been made, the HR-V has a lot to offer drivers.

The first ad shows us the progression of Honda vehicles and eventually leads us to the HR-V, the first lines of the song perfectly describe the idea that Honda is trying to convey, “going to build a mountain from a little hill.” At the same time, an early hatchback Civic changes to a less older Civic and then an early Accord. We see a few other favorites from years past until we get to a recent favorite, the Ford Element, which the HR-V comes out of.

What the ad is telling us, is that the new HR-V is sporty, fuel efficient, spacious and versatile, and most importantly, fun to drive. It offers the best of everything finding that sweet spot, which can be difficult, something the second ad explains even better as people pull, squish and press on their faces to appropriately proportion them to their liking.

That is something else Honda achieved with the HR-V, they made it the perfect size and gave it an ideal engine for that size. Rather than giving another similar option that would feel like it underperformed with too much size and too little power, or a compact that didn’t offer enough fuel efficiency, the HR-V is a small crossover with plenty of performance capability to back it up. It is an exciting vehicle that soon won’t need such fun explanations once you’ve gotten behind the wheel and test driven it.

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