What Issues Can Cause a Car to Not Start At All?

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips on Wednesday, April 29th, 2020 at 5:26 pm
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Reasons Why Your Car Won’t Start

The last thing drivers want when they need to go somewhere is a vehicle that won’t even start. Looking for reasons why your car won’t start? We’ve created a list of common reasons why vehicles fail to start to help drivers troubleshoot this issue.

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The most common reason for cars failing to start is a dead battery. Try jumping your car with a set of jumper cables and see if it resolves the issue. Drivers with a battery tester can also use it to determine if their battery’s charge is weak. Similarly, cars sometimes fail to start due to advanced battery corrosion. This can break the connection between battery posts and block power from going to the rest of the vehicle.

Even if your battery is in working condition, the various components it works in conjunction with to start your vehicle may be failing. A damaged or failing ignition coil might be to blame. The ignition coil is responsible for taking the power sent from the battery and converting it to the electrical spark that starts the vehicle.

Damaged wires under a car hood

Other Potential Reasons for Ignition Issues

  • Alternator Issues
  • Starter Issues
  • Faulty Spark Plugs
  • Clogged Air Filter
  • Empty Fuel Tank
  • Faulty Fuel Pump
  • Faulty Keyless Entry System
  • Clogged Fuel Filter

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