Vehicle Safety Tips for Heavy Rain & Flooding

By Product Expert | Posted in Tips on Tuesday, June 30th, 2020 at 8:13 pm
Trees covered by floodwater

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for a Flood

Severe weather is a common hazard that all vehicles face, but especially in areas where flooding is a frequent issue. Wondering how to prepare your vehicle for a flood? We’ve put together a list of safety tips for drivers to keep in mind when there’s a severe flood warning in their area.

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The easiest way to minimize the damage done to your vehicle due to a flood is to park it at the highest point of elevation possible. This includes at the top of an inclined street, on top of a hill or on the second story of a parking complex. Although these options may not be available to every driver depending on their surroundings, it’s still a good idea to keep the vehicle parked on ground-level instead of an underground parking facility.

A flooded basketball court

Protecting Your Vehicle from Flood Damage

Always make sure your vehicle’s windows and doors are tightly shut before a flood. If your vehicle has a sunroof or moonroof, make sure it is secured shut as well. If possible, consider disconnecting the battery to avoid electrical damage. Driving during a flood is highly discouraged. If it is absolutely necessary or you find yourself stuck outside during a flood, avoid driving through the water. In addition to damaging the vehicle’s underside, rising water can easily sweep away your vehicle.

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