How to prepare for roadside emergencies in winter

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How to create a winter survival kit

Winter is upon us, the temperatures are dropping, snow is falling, ice storms are on the horizon, and you need to be prepared, especially when you are driving. We can help you get prepared and tell you how to create a winter survival kit.

Stay warmfirst aid kit to be included in a winter survival kit

You need to stay warm when you are out there. It’s important to pack blankets, but you can also consider boots, gloves, hats, socks, sweaters, and anything else you may need to keep warm. Also remember to pack some basic food such as candy bars or snacks. In case of an accident, it is also useful to pack a first aid kit with a pocketknife or multi-tool.

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Things to help get you out of the snow

If you are stuck, then your winter survival kit may come to your rescue. First, you’ll want to have road flares or reflectors to warn other motorists. You’ll also need a small shovel, ice scraper, and sand, salt or cat litter.

In the event that these aren’t enough to get you unstuck, it may also be a good idea to pack tow ropes or chains. That way if someone stops to help they will have the tools they need to tow you out, and get you back on the road safely.

man stranded in the snow making a call

Avoid deer this winter!

Technology to include in your kit

Flashlights and a battery-powered radio are a plus, but you may also want to consider a car cell phone charger. If your phone is dead too, then you may have no way to call for help. Jumper cables are also a must. A dead battery can leave you stranded in the cold, but with jumper cables and the help of a friend, you can at least get it back home or to a service center.

You may also want to bring a portable car battery jumper that you keep charged up in your car. Not only can this give you a jump if you need it, but most of them can also charge your cell phone in a pinch. This is particularly useful if your car battery is dead.

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How to store the kit

Most of the kit should go in your trunk. This way you aren’t tempted to borrow things from it and never bring them back. It is best to keep your kit in a tote or plastic tub. This way you can maneuver it around in your trunk easily and things won’t fall out and get lost. Don’t forget to inspect your kit every year to ensure that everything is still in working order.

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