What can people tell about you just from the color of your vehicle?

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Choosing the color of your vehicle

It’s clear that many people develop deep connections with their vehicles. It doesn’t matter if it’s a junker or you just drove it off the lot yesterday, your car is not just a means to get from point A to point B, it says something about you. Did you know that choosing the color of your vehicle can tell us something also? Well this is probably just more for fun than anything but it’s kind of interesting, connect with us on Facebook and let us know if this is accurate for you!



Like a boss.

If you decide to go with black when choosing the color of your vehicle you are making the statement of ultimate power. You cannot be easily manipulated or forced into doing anything you don’t want to. Black vehicles represent empowerment and you are the type of person who knows what they want and how to get it.


A clean and shiny white car shows that you are the type of person who can appreciate simplistic design and functionality. Crisp and clean, you are always on time and like things to be in order. You take extra care in your appearance and like it when people notice it!



Clean and fresh, you are always looking good!

Your silver vehicle tells us that you are always excited to see what tomorrow brings and optimistic about the future. Instead of your glass being half empty, it’s half full. Appreciative of the finer things in life, your classy, but not to flashy and you carry yourself with dignity. You appreciate quality and you like looking just as good as your silver vehicle.


Not afraid to be heard or seen, your red car’s paint job shines just as bright as your personality. You feel very strongly in what you believe in, and aren’t afraid to stand your ground. Red is also a color that symbolizes deep passion and even sensuality.



KEEP CALM and drive a blue vehicle it will be okay!

If your ride is blue, this tells us that you have a level head on your shoulders. You pride yourself on your decision making abilities and most of the time you make the right one. Calm by nature, you have the unique ability to examine every decision before you make it, you aren’t one that will fly off the handle or act irrationally.


Gold is considered a precious metal and gives off a warm and calming feel. If decide on gold when choosing the color of your vehicle you aren’t afraid to be seen and you are known as an intelligent and confident person. If you have a gold vehicle chances are your home is always kept in tip-top condition, you don’t except excuses you just get things done.


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