All the world is a Honda Stage

By Product Expert | Posted in Honda Civic, Honda CR-Z, Honda News, Honda Promotions on Tuesday, June 17th, 2014 at 10:32 am
The New McLaren Honda

2014 Honda Stage

Honda is looking to get into the music business, and by its own count, it will be pumping millions and millions into the new business prospect. Looking to target a younger crowd who generally doesn’t favor traditional advertising, Honda is going to begin a YouTube channel of original live music content called Honda Stage, as well as putting something together in the same vein as the Vans Warped Tour, a long mainstay in the music industry started by the skateboard culture shoe company Vans.

Honda Stage logo

The new Honda Stage logo

The attempt would be a first in the car industry. Although other makers do dabble in the music industry with sponsorship and partnerships, none have ever committed fully to their own YouTube channel, that Honda touts as having original live music as well as music performed at the Honda Stage at several larger concert events across the country like the Austin City Limits event in TX. It will also include music from the Honda Civic Tour, a music tour that’s been running since 2001.

The move is part of a larger attempt to bring in the millennial generation, coupled with cars like the sporty capable 2015 Honda Fit and the peppy hybrid 2014 Honda CR-Z. Both cars were made in an attempt to break into the younger market, as both are designed to be inexpensive yet stylish, geared more with fancy technology than they are geared with impressive practicality. With an infinitely more connected world, any attempt to create original exclusive content is more than likely going to be greeted well by a generation that lives and breathes for such things, and Honda wants to bring that generation into the fold. Music is the language that speaks to them, so Honda may just have the right tools for this job.

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