3 Safe Back to School Driving Tips

By Product Expert | Posted in Honda Safety, Tips on Thursday, August 18th, 2016 at 10:02 pm
safe back to school driving tips

With the brand new school year right around the corner, Dayton drivers will be sharing the road with school buses, young pedestrians and bikers, and brand new teen drivers. It’s worth driving with a little extra caution during the back-to-school season. Join us in preventing car accidents and keeping our community’s kids safe with these 3 safe back to school driving tips from Matt Castrucci Honda! 

safe back to school driving tips

Know How To Share The Road With School Buses

Here’s the first and most important thing to remember – never, ever try to pass a stopped school bus when its lights are flashing. Whenever you’re driving behind a school bus, leave plenty of extra following distance in case the bus needs to make a sudden stop. Finally, give a school bus the right of way as it’s merging back into traffic.

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Watch Out For Bikes

It’s easy to overlook a small bike in your blind spot if you’re not paying attention, so always be extra-careful if you’re changing lanes in an area where kids are biking to school. A blind spot warning system is great to have in this situation, but it’s no excuse not to actually check.

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Stay Alert During Morning Drop-Off Times

The hectic school drop-off zone is the riskiest place for back-to-school driving accidents, so it’s important to stay extra vigilant there. Even if you’re running late in the morning and feeling frantic, don’t drive while distracted and don’t look at your phone or text while driving. Avoid double-parking when you’re dropping your child off, since this will make it harder for other drivers to watch out for kids. And brush up on your defensive driving techniques, since other parents in the drop-off zone might be driving distracted too.

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