The Ridgeline and Hybrids

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The new Honda Ridgeline, engine, specs, hybrid

2016 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid Release in Dayton

We all love the Ridgeline here at Matt Castrucci Honda and we know that just about every driver of the pickup has fallen in love with the vehicle. We are excited for the return of the Ridgeline and for a 2016 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid release in Dayton as well. Improvements to the pickup are expected to increase the performance on every front.

The 2016 Honda Ridgeline

2014-Honda-Ridgeline-CThe standard combustion Ridgeline and hybrid model will see many of the same improvements. Many of these include an improved cage, construction rigidity, improved aerodynamics and the use of Honda’s EarthDream technology for the engine. These changes are expected to offer a fuel efficiency increase of 10 percent or more. Changes to the VTM-4 four-wheel drive system will also help to lower the workload for the pickup while it isn’t towing or being taken off-road.

Many of the changes to the Honda Pilot give clues as to some of the changes for the pickup. We now expect increased performance close to what has been offered with the new V6 under the hood of the three row SUV. And if all goes according to plan, class leading fuel economy.

Hybrid Ridgeline

Though there has been no official confirmation of a hybrid variation of the Ridgeline, there are rumors running around that one is coming. Some are more excited about the potential for a hybrid than others. What we do know is that in recent years hybrid vehicles have begun to prove that they can have the best of both worlds with power and efficiency. Some hybrids out there have even managed to increase both rather than just increasing efficiency.

What we don’t know is how large or small of a combustion engine will end up in the Ridgeline and the number of electric motors involved in the system also remain a mystery. This is mainly because the existence of the hybrid itself is a bit of schrodingers cat issue. Until Honda says it exists it either does or doesn’t all at the same time. We will have to wait and see, no matter how excited we are about it.

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    2016 Honda Ridgeline Hybrid Release in Dayton