2016 Honda Pilot Standard Towing vs 2016 Ford Explorer Standard Towing

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How much can the Honda Pilot and Ford Explorer Tow

For the quick and easy answer, the 2016 Honda Pilot tows 3,500 pounds at the base trim level compared to the 2016 Ford Explorer’s capability to tow 2,000 at the base trim. Some simple math tells us that this is a 1,500 pound difference. But what does that really mean, is this an amount that can sway you one way or another? Does this amount really make a difference in what you would tow on a daily basis.

2016 Honda Pilot towing capability

Fishing Boats and Pontoons

For a small aluminum craft or a canoe this most likely doesn’t matter. For one, you probably put your canoe on the roof of your current vehicle rather than towing it. But if you want a bass boat or something a little larger then you most likely wouldn’t be able to tow it with the Explorer. Many boats of this size exceed 2,000 pounds or get close to it. Even if the boat is a couple hundred pounds below the limit, the trailer will most definitely push you past it. In this scenario, fisherman looking for an SUV would want to go with the Pilot.

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ATVs and Similarly Sized Vehicles

An ATV is another story, these typically don’t weigh all that much. Either vehicle is capable of towing one or two, even when you consider the weight of the trailer. The only thing that this limits is what else you can put in the trailer. If you were planning on bringing heavy equipment or cargo along with then you may not be able to bring everything you were hoping to with the Explorer, but most likely the Pilot will have you covered.


Depending on the size of the camper, you could say that either vehicle is perfectly capable of towing one. The pop-up style camper is no problem for either, but when you move into the category of solid campers that remain up, rather than folding down, they quickly exceed 2,000 pounds, making the Pilot the better choice once again.

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