Honda Celebrates 2016 National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day

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2016 Honda Fuel Cell Vehicle Release Date

2016 Honda Fuel Cell Vehicle Release Date

In honor of this year’s 2016 National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, Honda has revealed a release date for their fuel cell sedan. The five-passenger 2016 Honda fuel cell vehicle release date has been a highly anticipated day and model for its advanced energy saving technology and its sleek, aerodynamic design. Fuel cell and hydrogen technologies, such as the ones used in the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell, can significantly help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the nation’s energy security.

“Honda believes that hydrogen can play a critical role in addressing global climate change and accelerating progress toward a more sustainable, ultra low-carbon mobility future.”

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Availability

Honda is set to introduce this new vehicle by the end of this year. It will begin with retail leasing to customer in select California markets.

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Sales and marketing will begin through certified fuel cell dealers located in the Los Angeles and Orange County regions, as well as San Francisco Bay and Sacramento. The reason for this limited release is that the network of hydrogen stations in these areas are more developed than others, leading to a greater propensity for practicality and demand.

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Technology

Technological advancements have lead Honda to produce a fuel cell stack that is 33 percent more compact than its predecessor with a 60 percent increase in power density compared to the Honda FCX Clarity. The engine now easily fits underneath the hood of the car, allowing for more spacious interior dimensions and an increase in comfort for passengers.

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The Honda Clarity Fuel Cell will also include Honda Sensing™ suite of safety and driver assistive technologies, Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™, LED exterior lighting and 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels. Not only will it be a leader in fuel cell technology and the reduction of greenhouse gasses, but it will be, at its core, built like a Honda. Meaning, it will have the design, comfort, and technology that driver’s have come to expect from the brand.

We’ll keep you updated on the progression of fuel cell technology and the 2016 Honda fuel cell vehicle release date. We’re excited to see this innovation become a reality in the automotive market. Want to learn more about Honda’s other fuel-efficient and energy saving vehicles? Contact us at Matt Castrucci Honda. We’re always happy to help you find the vehicle for which you’re searching. Take a look at all of our green Honda models in our Over 30 MPG inventory. Call us or stop by in person today!

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